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Our Madrid office brings our sector focus to the Spanish legal market. Working with clients domestically and internationally, our worldwide network connects our clients globally.

Although our Madrid office is fairly new, the Madrid team is fully integrated into the wider firm and currently boasts a team of nearly 40 lawyers, with skills and experience in projects, construction, energy, project finance, corporate and commercial law and dispute resolution.

We are proud of the high quality work, early responsibility and exposure to clients we can offer all our Interns, and are keen to offer the best possible training experience to those who join us. This begins from the moment you accept your offer.

Your training starts on day one with a local office induction allowing you to familiarise yourself with your new office and to begin to build your network.

As an Intern, you will receive the technical legal skills training you require, as well as complementary skills training, which will fully equip you for your life as a newly-qualified lawyer and business advisor.

Our Madrid-based HR team will work with you throughout your time as an Intern to ensure that you meet the requirements of your internship, as outlined by the Spanish BAR as well as working with you and the wider business in the allocation of your seat.

Interns in our Madrid office will be based with one department throughout their internship giving you the necessary time to develop the legal and commercial depth of understanding required to take on real responsibility. Our aim is to give you in-depth exposure to one specialism of the firm.

Every year we accept applications for Internships, the period to apply is usually between September and the end of December. Therefore, please keep an eye on this page around that time for more information on application and deadline dates.

We have recently moved to an Online Application system. Please submit the following documents via the online system or send to: [email protected]

1. Cover letter, succinctly addressing at least the following:

  • Any previous applications to the Firm
  • Interests
  • Personal Achievements

2. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
3. Current degree transcripts

Your application is your opportunity to take the first step in what could be a remarkable legal career. Please take your time to ensure your CV best reflects the skills and attributes you possess, and provides information regarding any relevant work experience.

An intern position represents a big investment in your future. In light of this, intern salaries are benchmarked against market rates for international and local firms in Spain and reviewed each year to ensure that, alongside the outstanding training package we offer, we also deliver an attractive and competitive remuneration package.

Entry requirements

Final year
of your law degree
commencement date

If you don’t meet the above criteria but there are mitigating circumstances that explain why you’ve failed to meet the minimum academic requirements, there’s an opportunity for you to include this information in your application.

As we are looking for Interns who can commence in 2021, we can only consider applications from those who are already in at least the last year of their Law degree to ensure your Degree is complete by the time you commence.

Reward package

An intern position represents a big investment in your future. In light of this, Interns salaries are benchmarked against market rates for international and local firms in Spain and reviewed each year to ensure that, alongside the outstanding training package we offer, we also deliver an attractive and competitive remuneration package.

What we believe makes a great Trainee


We’re a commercial law firm, so you’ll have a genuine interest in how business works. That means keeping up-to-date with the latest business issues, as well as appreciating how legal expertise can support and steer commercial organisations.


You’ll need to combine a real desire to be the best with the energy, ambition and enthusiasm to go the extra mile to succeed. With a can-do attitude, you’re always open to learning from your experience, so you can be even better next time.


With the self-assurance to voice your own opinions and defend your point of view when you need to, you’ll be a convincing and persuasive communicator. But you’ll also have the self-awareness to ask for help when you need it.


With a conscientious approach, you’ll have the ability to read and absorb large amounts of reference material and spot errors quickly. You’ll be a stickler for detail when it comes to your own writing too, ensuring it’s always clear and accurate.


You’ve the intellectual curiosity to explore new approaches and ask others’ opinions, With an analytical approach, you think things through and weigh up the implications, but also have the capacity to think on your feet to find solutions.


You understand that taking responsibility for your successes and acknowledging when things go wrong will help you to constantly improve and achieve your career aims. By knowing your strengths and weaknesses, you give others confidence in your abilities.


You understand priorities and monitor your progress towards set objectives. By being well-organised and planning and managing your work efficiently, you make sure you always deliver quality work on time.


You’ll be approachable, outgoing and confident engaging with people from different backgrounds and experiences to your own. Whether you’re communicating with colleagues or clients, you’ll understand the need to adapt your message to suit your audience.

Hear from some of our Trainees

Our recruitment process

We’ve designed our application process to ensure you’ll know the outcome in no more than three months after the application deadline.

Qualification and beyond

Our investment in your training means we’ll do everything possible to continue your career with us after qualification. We carefully control the number of Trainees in the business to maximise retention. Resource planning ensures that you will be given the highest quality of work, which will stretch you further and allow you to quickly learn and develop.

After qualification, you can look forward to a variety of development opportunities that will enable you to become a specialist in your chosen area. With a wide range of courses available through the Pinsent Masons Academy, as well as in your practice area, you’ll have plenty of scope to develop your skills, add to your responsibilities and build a successful career.

Want to know more?

You can meet us prior to submitting an application by attending one of our events. Details of all upcoming events can be found in our events calendar.

In the meantime, why not follow us on our social media channels where you can receive up-to-date news from the firm and find out more about developments across the legal sector?

If you’ve any other questions relating to this programme, take a look through these frequently asked questions. If you still have a question that needs answering, please contact the HR team at [email protected]

Some frequently asked questions

Usually, we offer around 6 internships each year, although we review this regularly to make sure it reflects our business needs.

You can let us know which seat you’d prefer and we’ll do our best to meet your request, in line with our business needs.

Yes, on average 15% of our trainees work on client secondment during their Training Contract. Once you’re in your second year, you can let us know if you’re interested in a secondment. We’ll offer places based on performance and future career aspirations.

We aim to retain as many Trainees as possible and at the moment our retention rate is over 80%. We can only offer the positions which have been identified as part of our NQ process. That’s why we encourage you to keep an open mind about the practice area and location you’d like to qualify in.

Applications are: closed