An insight into Pinsent Masons’ Virtual Work Experience programme

Our Virtual Work Experience programme is a unique opportunity to upskill yourself, see behind the scenes of Pinsent Masons and decide whether a career in commercial law is for you. It was designed by our lawyers to best reflect the work our trainees do at Pinsent Masons. But don’t take our word for it! We’ve asked our Vacation Placement students (Dawn, Owen and Victoria) what they think of the programme.

What do you think of our Virtual Work Experience Programme?

Owen: I found the experience interesting, engaging and relevant throughout. I particularly liked how each section includes an overview of the practice area and what it involves as well as an introduction by a partner. I liked the way the information and conversations were kept relatively brief; this helped keep the experience engaging.

Victoria: I think there is a great variety to the work – nothing feels repetitive, feels like you are learning something new with each task. Having participated in the Vacation Placement programme this year, I can confirm that all of the tasks reflect really well what work is actually completed on the summer placement.

How did you find completing your tasks online? Were they interesting?

Victoria: It’s great that all of the tasks are linked as you get really invested in completing the work – fantastic that you see in practice how different teams work on different parts of the same client matter. The voice note tasks are, in particular, really interesting as they introduce the practical element to this experience.

Owen: I felt that the issues and the tasks set were realistic and similar to what would be expected of a Vacation Placement student. I liked the fact that the modules dealt with the same project throughout.

Dawn: Working with the same client throughout the programme gives an insight into how different practice areas operate, the different scenarios that can emerge during the lifetime of a project and how varied a trainee’s workload can be (drafting witness statements, research and communicating with clients).

I was impressed by the presentation of the tasks. For example, having video briefings from experienced supervisors worked very well and gave much more of an interactive experience than just reading a brief. I also enjoyed the Areas of Expertise Overviews because they were informative enough to give a good idea of what the teams do without overwhelming the listener.

What do you think of the ‘model answer’ feature? 

Owen: I like the fact that you cannot see the model answer until you have attempted the question yourself and also feel that the reflection section is a good idea to offer guidance and give students the chance to improve on their initial attempt.

Victoria: I love the comparison feature – it was both satisfying being able to see where you had completed the work correctly, and also really helpful to view where you could have done something different.

Who would you recommend this programme to?

Dawn: The concept of providing the opportunity for virtual work experience with the firm to potential candidates is really good and I would certainly recommend it to my friends who are considering a career in law. It does give an insight into some trainee tasks without having to wait until they secure a vacation scheme or actual work experience placement.

Pinsent Masons - Graduate Careers In Law - Virtual Pinsent Masons Experience Hero Image

If you’re ready to take the law into your hands and kick-start your career at Pinsent Masons, visit our website to enrol to the Virtural Work Experience programme today!