Seasons Greetings (well almost)

I cannot quite believe that three months ago I was blogging about oversize blazers, first day nerves and unfamiliar early morning alarms; time really does fly by when….you are VERY busy.  Since no one has left any comments I am assuming that you are all equally as busy however I am somewhat disappointed that Neighbours does not warrant a response!

Three months in and I am slowly adjusting to life as a trainee.  Faces around the firm are now becoming familiar as are corridors and meeting rooms, the IT service desk is no longer on redial and more importantly the ladies in the café know mine is a skinny vanilla latte.  With Christmas fast approaching there is talk of Christmas parties and a flashback to the days of the Bedford Talent Show with Birmingham’s annual Christmas party entitled ‘A night at the theatre’. Already I have heard rumours of Partners dressed as Fairy God Mothers, Danny Zuko and Johnny Castle; this I cannot wait to see.

Life in the Corporate team is brilliant.  As a trainee I have been fully involved from the outset and the level of responsibility I have been given is greater than anything I expected in my first seat.  There is a real sense of teamwork when you work together on a transaction and you are able to appreciate the significance of your involvement at all stages.  There have been some late nights/early mornings but these do not go without recognition and a takeaway meal of some variety.  Its been so exciting working on something you are then reading about in the paper the next day, knowing that in some way (albeit only minor) you have helped ensure that company met its objective.  The level of support I have received has been very encouraging and at no point during the past three months have I felt that I could not approach someone (partners included) to ask for help.  As I am constantly reminded ‘no question is a stupid question’, just try not to ask the same one more than once.

Just as I feel I am now truly settled in to my department, talk of my first seat change has already begun.  Last week we received a series of presentations from each of the different practice groups within the firm, which has helped remove most of the uncertainty about how the process works.  The presentations were very useful and specifically addressed the role of a trainee in that department, in terms of the type of work they would be involved in and level of responsibility given.  I am confident now that whatever choice I make will be an informed one.

With Christmas and New Year fast approaching, the application form deadline for vacation schemes is drawing nearer (31 January in case you were wondering).  I cannot emphasise how worthwhile it is to undertake a vacation scheme at any firm you may be considering for a training contract (especially at PM).  The vacation scheme provides an invaluable opportunity to gain an insight into life as a trainee solicitor and it is as much about you assessing whether the firm is suitable for you as them assessing whether you are suitable for the firm.  I made some great friends on the vacation scheme who were then my friends at law school and now at PM.

I appreciate when you are surrounded by presents, turkey and parties the last thing you want to be doing is tackling a lengthy application form, however the experience you get from completing the vacation scheme far outweighs any terrible Christmas film, which you have probably seen more than ten times before.  Not forgetting the vacation scheme can secure you a training contract!   Take your time with the application form, be selective about where you apply and ensure that you have researched the firm that you are applying for. There is nothing worse than copying across sections from one application to another and trust me it won’t go unnoticed.  I will be happy to respond to any questions you have about the vacation scheme or application process. Use the knowledge and experience of others to help you.

Thanks again for taking the time to read my blog. I would love to hear back from you and like I said will be happy to respond to any questions you may have about anything although details of Corproate’s choice of fancy dress and talent are top secret at this point.  Do not fear post party I will reveal all!

Until then good luck with your applications….Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


PS…In case you had not noticed I get somewhat excited about Christmas, apologies!