Lawyer Profile Anna Newman


During my training, I applied to spend my final seat in Dubai. I wasn’t remotely thinking about a long-term move – just that it might be a good experience for six months. But when it came to the end, my department was booming, a case I’d been working on throughout my seat was in its final stages, and I felt very much part of the team. So when they asked me to stay I was very quick to accept.

Dubai appealed initially because it was somewhere completely outside my experience – definitely not a settled and predictable environment like London. When I’m on site with the client, which might be three or four times a month, there is often not much except, sand, portacabins and machinery within a 10 mile radius! The practice of the law, the clients, their issues and perceptions are all very different and everything feels fresh, busy and exciting. The region is prospering, the work is varied and challenging, and the firm is at the heart of some of the biggest infrastructure and development projects going. I’ve been here nearly three years now, and I’ve never looked back.

I honestly don’t know where this might take me next. We do a lot of work all across the Middle East now – Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan – which could be interesting. But Asia is currently resurgent as well, and there’s a lot of potential in Africa too, so I’m really not sure. But somehow I don’t think I’ll be back in London any time soon!