Video Transcripts

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  • Michael Ruck - Video Transcript

    As a Trainee supervisor we are responsible for day-to-day supervision and interaction with the trainees here at Pinsent Masons. Generally it involves hello in the morning, conversation throughout the day as to what they’re doing and also ensuring that they are both involved in the cases and matters that we’re dealing with but also more widely that they were involved in life at Pinsent Masons including working for other parts of the team, other parts of the department and also generally getting involved in social activities – interesting and fun things we do here at Pinsent Masons.

  • Finlay Fraser - Video Transcript

    So if I can focus on two reasons to train at Pinsent Masons: the first would be the Firm has a really clear vision, that vision is to be an international market leader in our five global sectors. I see everyday people working towards making this vision a reality and each office too plays a role in delivering this vision and will evolve with it and for that reason it’s a really exciting time to be working Pinsent Masons. Turning to a second reason, Pinsent Masons is fundamentally a people business now that may sound like a platitude but there is a genuine commitment to diversity and inclusion.  So whether it’s the Firm’s partnerships with the BLD, Foundation tomorrow’s people, its own project sky initiative, it’s recent ranking as a sector champion by the Stonewall, there are numerous tangible examples of the Firm’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

  • Andrew Harper - Video Transcript

    When I finished my seat in the Property team my stand out piece of work was acting for a landlord in letting out a property.  It doesn’t sound that interesting but I was pushed by my supervisor to really take responsibility for that and run it as my own deal and I think that give me a great flavour of what it would be like to be a qualified lawyer at Pinsent Masons.

  • Catherine Lusher - Video Transcript

    So my first seat was in Glasgow in the Planning & Environment and Energy & Infrastructure team mostly focused on energy property work. As an English qualifying trainee going to a Scottish Property team was quite daunting at the start, I didn’t know a lot of the terminology abbreviations and things like that that but I was really good support from all the Practice Development Lawyers who gave me websites to look at, articles to read and so on and the team were really supportive when I kept using the English terms in a Scottish context. The work there was really varied and really interesting a lot of onshore and offshore wind, solar projects, renewable focused projects, buying selling development – all really interesting work and after a few weeks of getting my head around the different terms I was given a lot of responsibility and really enjoyed the work I did up there. The team completely understood that I was completely new to this and what was also really good is a lot of the team up there were dual qualified so after a few months I was able to do both English and Scottish work so work with people from the London office in the Birmingham office while being in Glasgow, which I found a really rewarding experience and it allowed me to really extend my network across the firm

  • Sophie Al-Mahdawie - Video Transcript

    The thing that really stands out to me about Pinsent Masons is the people, my colleagues that I work with. Not only are they brilliant lawyers, at the top of their field, but they are also interesting, charismatic and they are generally really lovely people to work with. This includes everyone from all ends of the spectrum. The lawyers here really care about trainees and they want them to be nurtured and they are given lots of responsibility. They care about you in a personal capacity as well as a professional capacity. So, I think in this respect, Pinsent Masons ticks all the boxes for me as its environment where I can work with fantastic lawyers and do high quality work but I also enjoy coming into work every day and I’ve got lots of friends here.


  • Ahmed Bobat - Video Transcript

    So the first year of my training contract has surprised me in many ways. I’m on the middle east scheme, so my first seat was in our Dubai office and I was in the banking team out there. And I really thought that I wanted to do banking, even throughout the LPC that’s where I thought I wanted to be ideally, in the future, upon qualification. But, coming to London in my second seat and having experienced commercial litigation has really awoken something in me. Doing contentious work, which I never thought I would be interested in, has really sparked something in me and that’s possibly a new route for qualification. So, the first year’s been great, it’s been full of surprises and definitely experience that I’m looking forward to taking into my second year.

  • Richard Foley - Video Transcript

    I think what I would highlight to anybody thinking of applying for a training contract here at Pinsent Masons is keep your ideas open and keep your mind open.  Don’t come in too fixated about “I want to be a banking lawyer or a corporate lawyer or a litigant”.  To be honest, you won’t really know until you start to get involved and the best lawyers are those that have slightly rounded skills anyway. I think one of the other things I would highlight to those interested in joining us, is that we offer opportunities that a number of our competitors don’t.  So, we are a business with a broad spread of operations right across the UK, indeed right across the globe. 22 offices, 2900 people and we do some real cutting-edge stuff in every single one of those offices. So, if you want to be based in Scotland doing the very best business, not only in relation to Scotland but on some of the big national and international deals, you come to us. The same is true in Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester, London, Dubai, Doha – you name it.  We give an opportunity to do excellent quality work in all sorts of different locations and I think that’s quiet unique.  So, for me, the key thing would be come in with an open mind, be prepared to try things and be prepared to volunteer your own thoughts and ideas.  You know, we’re a business that likes to be the sum of its parts, it’s a bit of a cliché, but you know you get some great ideas for the most unlikely sources.  It’s not all about the people who have been here the longest and very often you find that great ideas come from those that are newest into an environment, that look at it and go “it’s a bit weird you do things that way”. We probably don’t see that because maybe we have been in the business too long. So those would be some of things I think.


  • Catherine Howe - Video Transcript

    I think I took the law into my own hands way before I started Pinsent masons and it was in my decision not to study law at university. I took the decision to study international history and politics instead because I genuinely believed that the skills I would learn during my time at university would help me in my law career and I do think that coming from a non law background it is a little bit harder to come into a legal profession.  You don’t have quiet so many people telling you the things you need to do to get into law and you do need to be self motivated and look for those opportunities and those experiences to get where you want to be and to make you stand out amongst all the other law students that are out there.  Being at Pinsent Masons I think the firm really embraces its trainees coming in and doing things and showing they want to do things their own way.