My fellow trainees…

I have the somewhat enviable task of describing what my fellow trainees are like – to you, the world. In the interests of disclosure, I have been wined and dined by my fellow trainees this past week once my blog topic became public knowledge.  However, I can assure you this post will almost be completely unbiased – well almost!

Before I tell you a bit about the other trainees it would probably help if you knew something about me too, my name is Rhodri and I’m a first seat trainee in the EU & Competition Department in London.  Although I knew a couple of trainees from my vacation placement at Pinsent Masons, the majority of the faces on the first day’s induction were unfamiliar and so I spent that first day introducing myself and trying to remember everyone’s names – a daunting and mildly terrifying experience!

So, what are they like?

Well, by the end of the first day I realised they were all incredibly friendly.  Having such a friendly group of trainees to talk to put me at ease and, most importantly, ensured my return on the second day!  At this point I must also say a big thank you to the graduate recruitment team for making sure that the trainees are not only smart, but genuinely nice people too.

By the end of the first week my stomach was aching – not from excess food or alcohol consumption, but from laughing so hard at the drinks we organised in the local pub.  My fellow trainees are all hilarious.  We all attended different universities, which means endless stories of your typical university antics with everyone trying to surpass each other with the most outrageous tale.  We certainly learnt a lot about each other that night, perhaps a bit too much!

Needless to say, they’re a sociable bunch.  Bedford was an eye-opener as to how outgoing some of the trainees were, especially on fancy dress night.  With memories of those Bedford days drifting away, we now take every opportunity to meet for a chat either in the work restaurant at lunchtime or the local pub on Friday.  Socialising doesn’t begin or end in work though – a few of us went to see Avenue Q in the theatre recently and more adventures are planned to concerts, rugby matches, theme parks and even the British Grand Prix.

Finally, they’re all very supportive.  Work can quickly become time-pressured and stressful, but within a couple of days of settling down we were offering each other help.  You can be sure that, if you need assistance, they will do their best to help.  It’s great to know that these are the people who will be my friends and colleagues over the coming years as we all progress through the firm together.

While my experience is primarily based on those trainees I share the London office with, the above is also true for trainees at Pinsent Masons’ other offices, meaning you’re guaranteed a warm welcome when you visit on training days.

So, to sum up, my fellow trainees are friendly, funny, sociable and supportive. Overall, they’re a great bunch of people!