Mid-seat Review

As Christmas and the new year are quickly approaching here is another blog post to let you know how the seat is going so far, and I think it is fair to say things have come a long way since the first post detailing my trepidation of the first few days!

I am now almost half-way through my first seat, which is in the MPCSS team in Manchester (Major Projects, Concessions and Structured Solutions).  I am now thoroughly settled in and feel like I have been doing this a lot longer than my almost 3 months!  In this blog I wanted to let you know exactly what my experiences have been, so you can see what it is like to be a trainee here.

In terms of workload, I have had busy weeks and not so busy weeks.  The busy weeks were incredibly exciting as we had a large completion on and the whole team pulled together to get the work done.  I can’t explain just how thrilling it is as you approach the finish line, and how great it is when you work within a team of people who all work hard and work together.  In terms of variety, I have worked for every member of the team and on a variety of matters, some of which I have been involved in from the start.  The not so busy weeks are then a nice break where you can catch up on less pressing work, with other trainees and any admin work you may have.  My average week consists of responding to emails, proofreading, drafting amendments, preparation of documents, reviewing contracts and often a bit of research (usually business development research as opposed to legal research).  I also sit in on quite a few telephone meetings with clients so that I am aware of what is happening in the matters I work on – the rest of the team here really do ensure that you are a full member of the team and that your contribution matters.

My networking life here has also been busy.  I have been to training hosted by chambers, trainee solicitors’ events (with copious amounts of free food and wine!), trips out that we organise within the office, bar launches with colleagues, impromptu Christmas market trips and we have a fancy dress Christmas party on the horizon!  I think it is fair to say that so far I have worked hard, and played hard, and that I am thoroughly enjoying everything this seat, and Pinsent Masons, has to offer.

I believe Jon Cherry in Leeds will be providing you with a light-hearted insight in to our socials and festivities next time – so there is something to look forward to!  If you have any questions at all about my time so far as a trainee, or anything else you think I can help with, please do get in touch. I am more than happy to talk to anyone who is interested.