Manchester Trainees First Few Months…

The first few months…..

Having now spent a month working for the firm, the good news is that the training contract so far has not been as daunting as expected.

Our first day with the firm was spent in London on a firm-wide trainee induction. The days were spent in the lecture theatre but we were also taken for a three-course meal and trip on the London Eye. On returning to the Manchester office, we undertook IT training so we were up to speed with the systems.

Our second week was spent in a hotel in Bedford studying the Professional Legal Studies Course. This involved reviewing the client conduct rules and preparation for the finance and business skills exam. Three-course meals were on offer each day and in the evenings social events were arranged, including bowling, a pub quiz and a fancy dress night, which also coincided with the annual talent contest. Somehow the Manchester team’s rendition of ‘Tragedy’ (branded tragic by the judges) managed to secure them first place for the second year running (no pressure for next year’s trainees!). See what you think of our fancy dress below; tragedy or triumphant?

Our third week consisted of practice group inductions, which occur at the start of each seat and provide an overview into work you will commonly encounter in your department.

Working in Manchester

The Manchester office has a smaller number of trainees so you get to know everyone quickly and soon have a new group of friends. Fellow trainees serve as a useful support network for anything you are unsure about. The office recently opened so is very modern and is located in the new business district, meaning that bars/restaurants are easily reachable. Added to this, you can live within 15 minutes walk of the office for under £400 a month!

Day to day trainee life

Although regular tasks vary between seats, you will spend your time attending departmental training sessions/lunches, performing tasks allocated by your team and occasionally working late. As we are in different departments – restructuring, property and projects and construction dispute resolution – we have had a different experience so far. Work has included filing documents at court, drafting Land Registry forms and researching points of law for your team to rely on in client contact. You’re given lots of responsibility, which is great, especially as your supervisor is on hand to provide guidance.

There are also loads of opportunities to get involved in extra curricular and business development activities. Free drinks are provided in the office every Friday and you can take part in some of the firm’s corporate social responsibility programmes, for instance mentoring children at a local academy and preparing Christmas food parcels. You may attend graduate recruitment events to promote the firm. One of us has even volunteered to join the previously male dominated football team, so there is no limit to what you can do!

Please let us know if you have any further questions.