Introducing…Joe Young (Trainee Solicitor, London office)


Having just commenced my training contract with Pinsent Masons in their London office I am going to share my thoughts about life as a new trainee over the months ahead.  Having been here less than a week only a limited amount has happened thus far, so I thought the best thing to do would be to introduce myself and tell you a bit about what I did before joining PM as my journey here is not a straight-forward as some.

I graduated in Economics, Government & Political Theory from Manchester University in 2005, after which I taught mathematics in Yorkshire and London secondary schools to fund some travelling.

I went on to complete my GDL in 2009 (City University) and then worked for a claims management firm whilst completing my LPC (College of Law).  After the LPC I did some charity work in South East Asia, and then lived in Central America for six months learning Spanish.

My interests include playing music (guitar and bass), rugby union, reading, travelling and the gym.

Induction in Manchester

So after two years of waiting the training contract is finally here!  Well, more specifically that is, at the other end of the Virgin Trains 6:36am to Manchester Airport; yes, it was an early start for some!

All the new Pinsents trainees from around the UK were travelling to Manchester to begin a two-day induction.  On arrival, and after a well needed cup of coffee, I began to meet my new colleagues from around the country, some of whom I already knew from the recruitment process.  As daunting as this first seemed I quickly realised that all the other new trainees had as many questions and queries as I did!

No time wasted and into the training, the most notable from the first day being the ‘Kissing With Confidence’ three hour networking training.  Prior to this the words “three hour networking training” would have only served to conjure up images of cringe-worthy encouragement to engage in painful icebreakers, however, the training, to my pleasant surprise, was both entertaining, and actually very useful.  That evening we were treated to a three course meal and were seated in a way to mix the trainees from different offices.  I managed to find myself on the “loud” table and was even treated to a certain Scottish trainee’s rapping skills!

The second day’s seminars went as expected with plenty of meet and greet opportunities thrown in.  The best thing about the two days was getting to know some of the people I would be embarking on my new career with, and it was very reassuring to find that I had lots in common with many of them and everyone I met seemed extremely friendly and personable.

Just a few days of IS (information services) and IT training in the London office before the infamous Bedford Training Week, which I believe one of my fellow new starters will be blogging about in the weeks ahead…