Hello from Manchester

Hello!  My name is Kate Lockwood and I am a first seat trainee in the Projects team in Manchester.  As a bit of background, I am an Economics & Management graduate from the University of Leeds, who ended up in the big graduate pool wondering what it was I actually wanted to do next with my life!  This led me to study the GDL (Graduate Diploma in Law) at the College of Law in Chester.  I received my training contract offer from Pinsent Masons that summer and moved swiftly on to the LPC+ (Legal Practice Course) in Manchester.

Now to fast forward to the Friday before the training contract officially began.  To set the scene, this moment of complete fear as to what lay ahead happened in an economy seat on the 15 hour flight home from Las Vegas.  Sounds scary, but luckily I was sharing this moment with one of my fellow trainees who was also about to start on the Monday having met at a ‘future trainee’ dinner put on by the firm a good six months earlier and forging friendships for life.  It was at this point that we decided that a trip to the States was absolutely essential before we began life as trainee solicitors.  In retrospect, having two days to recover from Las Vegas may not have been enough.

We began our first two weeks of induction training, which I believe there is a different blog post about, and then two weeks later found ourselves sitting in the conference room on a Monday morning watching the rain drizzle down the windows as we came face to face with our “last ever exam” – the Professional Skills Course exam.  I would love to tell you that we all did brilliantly and passed with flying colours having studied incredibly hard in Bedford, but unfortunately the results are not yet out…

Having finished this, we were then walked to our new desks.  Suddenly, despite my two years of studying behind me, I felt somewhat nervous about being able to perform anything that may have been asked of me.  Sitting down at my desk for the first time I began trying desperately to remember the IT training of a week previous so that I could actually turn my PC on, at which point a partner-shaped shadow appeared on my desk.

Thankfully, the most difficult thing that was asked of me was to attend a long ‘welcome lunch’ at Carluccio’s.  Something I felt more confident about tackling.  By the following morning I felt much more at ease, the most difficult task of the morning being to find my way back to my own desk.  I will forever be grateful to the kind person that puts your name on your desk – very reassuring for a day two trainee!  Day two consisted of learning to use the printer, proofreading, getting to grips with the smart timers and trainee drinks after work.  It is now day three, and I have walked confidently over to my desk. So far, so good…

So all I can really add now is “watch this space” as in future blogs I will share with you the realities of being a first seat trainee. Having just received an invite to the MTSG launch (our social) and the arrival of my supervisor who has been so far away on business, I am confident it will make for an interesting read!