Gap Yahh: Month one

While most of our friends begin university with a wild fresher’s week or embark on trips around the world, we start our gap years with eight months working as legal support co-ordinators in the Leeds office.  This time last year we were doing A-Levels and experiencing the joys of UCAS.  Now we are working to gain valuable experience in a top law firm and the best part; this time next year we will be kicking off a wild fresher’s week, only with a bit more money than the average student!

Introducing the Leeds Gap Year Students……

Name: Jack Hewitt

School: Tapton School

Where from: Sheffield

Next year plans: Philosophy at Newcastle

 Question…..What were your first impressions of Pinsent Masons?

I’d read before starting that if Pinsent Masons was a fictional character it would be Mr. Schuester from ‘Glee’ – Nice, inclusive and doesn’t try too hard.  So far my first impressions have confirmed this, with the Leeds office full of smiling, friendly people.  While this makes it a lovely place to work, it’s just not quite as cool a description as McGrigors ‘Don Draper’.


Name: Conor Langan

School: Notre Dame Catholic Sixth Form College

From: Leeds

Next Year: Law at the LSE

Question….How did you find the induction in Manchester?

The week we spent in Manchester was great. The residential induction over the first two days was a perfect opportunity to meet the people we would be working with over the next year, and those from other offices.  The sessions were also very useful, particularly the delegation and networking talks which turned out to be thoroughly enjoyable too.

The Manchester office in which we spent Wednesday impressed everybody, and the talks by the partners helped give us an idea of the “feel of the firm”.  Training on Thursday and Friday has already come in immeasurably handy and covered most of the things we need, or will need, to know over the year.  Overall, the week had a good balance of expectation-setting, education and networking which helped to make our joining the firm almost effortless.


Name: Emily Garland

From: York

School: Fulford Sixth Form

Next year: Law at Nottingham

Question…..How would you compare the experience to School /College?

It’s another world.  It’s such a different environment; no free periods, no finishing at 3.30pm, no rigid timetable and no homework!  I was ready to move on from school but its great that I’m still learning all the time.  My friends can’t believe my new lifestyle and neither can I.  Being in such a high-powered environment has really made me mature and so far I love it.


Name: Millie Foster

School/college: King David High School

From: Manchester

Next year: Law at the LSE

Question……What has been your biggest challenge so far? 

The hardest thing about starting at Pinsent Masons has been seeing all my friends heading off to new cities, making new friends and starting their journey at university.  At first I was worried about being left behind and missing out on the excitement of university.  However, much to my surprise, my first couple of weeks at PM have been an equally exciting journey.  I have also met new people and am in a completely different working environment.  I have been so busy doing such varied work and learning about completely alien things that I haven’t even had time to compare my experiences in work to those of my friends in university.  In fact, the thing that I have enjoyed the most about starting work here is that it is so different to what all of my friends are doing.  Something which just proves what an amazing opportunity this is and that, above everything, diminished all my previous worries.


Name: Sarah Baldwin

School/college: Notre Dame Catholic Sixth Form College

From: Leeds

Next year: Law at University College London

Question…. Is it what you expected, has anything surprised you?

I am really pleased to have been placed in Litigation and Regulatory.  It has so far exceeded my expectations, and I am constantly busy with interesting work!  I have also attended training in London with the trainees, so I’m surprised to have been given such an opportunity so early on.  

If you are considering a gap year after university you may like to find out more about what we can offer by visiting our website, we will start accepting applications for the 2013 programme at the end of September 2012, with the closing date for applications on 30 November 2012.