First Day Nerves

As a newcomer to the blogosphere I was not sure whether there were any strict guidelines or rules to be adhered to but following a small amount of research it would appear I am free to blog as I wish.  So here it is my first (and hopefully not last) post.

So, let’s get the introductions out of the way first (which as a trainee you will become very good at), my name is Rebecca and I studied Law at Sheffield University before returning home to Birmingham to complete my LPC at the College of Law.  While at university I undertook a vacation placement in PM’s Birmingham Office and after two really challenging but enjoyable weeks I secured a training contract at the firm.  As of just over a week ago I am now a trainee solicitor and am currently undertaking my first seat in Birmingham Corporate team.

Right now that the introductions are out of the way I am guessing you want to know how life has changes since my student days and what the work of a trainee is really like.  So here it is my personal insight…

Bad news first (the way it always should be). Gone are the days of student discount, mid week nights out, never waking up before midday, day time television and feeling you had accomplished more than you needed to in one day by simply attending a lecture or putting on a load of washing.  As my parents delight in reminding me, ‘you are on your own now’. In my experience this seems to mean they are no longer willing to financially support my shopping addiction, nights out and coffee dates, basically everything you loved about university!

As you get older you would expect that those pre first-day nerves would be a distant memory – not true!  I had spent the majority of the week before buying suits and various pinstripe shirts in an attempt to ensure I at least looked ‘professional’ even if inside I felt and in fact looked as I did on my first day of school in an oversized (albeit not green) blazer. I had also rehearsed various responses to the standard ice-breaker questions in the hope that even if I looked the same as everyone else I would have something original to say.

My first day began with the sound of an early morning alarm, after a summer of island hopping this was something of a novelty (it is now all too familiar) and I don’t think I have ever jumped out of bed quicker.  I arrived in London with all the other new starters from across the UK and it quickly became clear that I was not the only person who was experiencing a mixture of nerves and excitement. Needless to say rehearsing responses to ice breaker questions is not a good idea; no two people ask the same question and no two people want to hear the same response. As the day progressed I felt a sense of realisation that this was it, ‘working life’ and at that point the nerves disappeared and I knew those years of studying and exams had all been worth it.

Since I started with bad news it only seems appropriate to end with good news.  Already I am loving life as a trainee and life ‘on your own’ is actually better than you could ever imagine. Gone are the days of budget living, weekday hangovers, terrible daytime television, nagging parents and all-nighters in the library, although I do still miss the lie-ins!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed ‘blogging’ it. Along with a number of other trainees I will be updating you over the course of my first 12 months at PM and if you have any questions about applications, vac schemes or the LPC please leave me a comment and I’ll look to get back to you ASAP.


Ps…If someone could please update me on why Libby and Steph are not speaking in Neighbours any more this would be very much appreciated (don’t laugh we all occasionally relive our student days).