Entering the home straight

I can’t believe I’m writing Month Two of my Dubia blog already!  After having spent two months in the Middle East office I feel far more settled in and a real member of the team.  For those of you who want to know what the office looks like it is one of those glass towers that Dubai is famous for.  We are in the tower on the right (see picture).

My works has been very varied, whilst it is primarily focussed on organising internal know-how (client advisory notes, precedents, marketing materials etc), I’ve also been getting more client work.  Just recently I had to research on international antiquities law and tax regimes in different companies for foreign businesses.  Considering I will be starting my Law degree in two months, this experience has been really helpful in helping me practice for my studies.  I’ve also been asked to do a lot of research on companies and firms in this area and have therefore gained a lot more knowledge on the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

I’ve also been able to see how the branch office in Dubai fits into the ‘One Pinsent Masons’ value when I helped the Birmingham team with a case because the clients were based in Dubai.  The communication between the offices helped me to realise how they work together but also got me to appreciate the importance of having international offices as it improves the scope of the clientele when services can be provided in other countries.

I’m now in my last month before returning to the UK but there are still a few things I have planned to do before I return to the UK.  Ramadan will be starting next week, and it’ll be fascinating to see what impact the religion and culture of the region during the holy month will have on work – the shorter working hours will be quite nice too!