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We’re here to support you throughout the application process. Hopefully, you’ve found all the information that you need around work experience, apprenticeships, vacation placements and training contracts. However, if you have a question which isn’t answered on our website, please get in touch with us using the following email addresses:

UK Programme Contacts

School Work Experience: Contact Cathie Higgins, Claire Beattie or Karen Murray at [email protected]
Vacation Placements and Training Contracts: You can reach Mags Roy (GR Manager) at [email protected]

International Programme Contacts

Asia Pacific:

Australia – You can contact Jaimie or Elsa at [email protected]
Hong Kong – Why not contact Natalie at [email protected]
Singapore – Perhaps Rachel can answer your queries [email protected]

Continental Europe: [email protected] or;

Germany – [email protected]
Madrid – [email protected]

Middle East: [email protected]

South Africa: [email protected]

Want to know more?

We’re inviting interested applicants to meet us prior to submitting an application by attending one of our events. Details of all upcoming events can be found in our events calendar.

In the meantime, why not follow us on our social media channels where you can receive up-to-date news from the firm and find out more about developments across the legal sector?

If you’ve any other questions relating to this programme, take a look through these frequently asked questions. If you still have a question that needs answering, contact the team.

Frequently asked questions

We don’t stipulate that you need to have studied particular modules as part of your undergraduate studies. However, we’d expect that students who’re keen to pursue a career in commercial law will have taken the opportunity to further their knowledge in this area through choosing relevant modules, when the opportunity has arisen.

You can apply in your penultimate year of study. We’re able to offer candidates a telephone interview if they’re overseas at the time of the assessment centre for Vacation Placements.

On average we receive about 1,000 applications for Vacation Placements and an additional 800 applications for Training Contracts. We typically invite between 10-15% of applicants to undertake an assessment centre

Given the number of applications we receive, we do not offer individual feedback to those applicants who are unsuccessful at the application screening stage. In order to help you maximise your chances of success we recommend you read our application advice document and familiarise yourself with our capability framework.

We review all applications holistically, taking account of candidates’ academic achievements, work experience and extra-curricular activities. However, law is an intellectually demanding career and we’re looking to recruit candidates who can evidence intellectual capability. If you have mitigating circumstances that have impacted negatively on your results then we’ll consider these when reviewing your application. There is an opportunity for you to include this information in your application form. If you’d prefer to discuss in more detail prior to making an application, please contact us at [email protected].

Yes, please specify your grades and, where possible, please include the grading scale applied to the qualifications to allow us to assess your performance to date.

The vast majority of our Trainees have not undertaken any post-graduate study other than the GDL and/or LPC. While a Masters level qualification may enhance your subject-matter knowledge in a given area we do not feel it will necessarily enhance the skills required to be a successful Trainee.

Legal work experience will, undoubtedly, help you to develop the knowledge and skills required for a career in law. However, non-legal work experience and many other job roles will help you to develop the skills and competencies we are looking for in our Vacation Placement students and Trainees. You should include the examples which best evidence your skill-set in your application.

We’d also encourage you to attend law fairs, campus events and open days as these will help you develop your understanding of the legal sector and also demonstrate a commitment to a career in law.

It’s difficult for us to sponsor overseas nationals, as we must justify why we’re recruiting from overseas rather than within the EEA. We do accept applications from non-EU nationals, but please ensure you are clear in your application about what (if any) sponsorship you’ll require in order to be able to work in the UK on a permanent, full-time basis.

Yes, you’ll need to complete a new online application in order to be considered and cannot apply directly for a Training Contract in the same year you applied for a Vacation Placement. It is very important that you consider why your initial application was unsuccessful before you re-apply.

In the past, candidates who’ve re-applied have been successful with their second application but the majority are not. In many cases this is because their application does not show any significant improvement from their initial application. Please note if you were unsuccessful in securing a Training Contract following a Vacation Placement at the firm you cannot reapply for another Vacation Placement. Instead you should apply directly for a Training Contract.