An Awkward Turtle to a Proper Genuine Grown-Up

‘An Awkward Turtle to a Proper Genuine Grown-Up’

To begin with, I have to confess that I probably won’t be the best person to produce entertaining blog posts. I happen to be gifted with the awkward seriousness and naivety so I think I can let my fellow gap year blogger to fulfil that role with his sense of humour. However, I promise to give all those interested in the opportunities offered at Pinsent Masons a genuine portrayal of my life as a legal support coordinator through this blog – so read on!

A lot happened during my first month at Pinsent Masons. It took me some time to figure out how to begin this post but I’ll start with the basics. I am currently undertaking a gap year programme at Pinsent Masons Birmingham with four other unique characters. Having been through the excitement of London induction, rigorous training sessions and regular lunch time congregations together, we’ve grown to become good colleagues, adding much value to each other’s time at the firm. I am sure these guys will be pop up time to time in my future posts.

We are scattered across different practice groups and teams within the office; Corporate, Property, Commercial and Employment (mine!). For that reason, our day-to-day work patterns and experiences tend to differ. Still, there is a general consensus that we are all kept very busy and that we are all encountering new challenges. Personally, I am very much enjoying the types of work I get involved in, from collating various tribunal documents to legal and business development researches that are delegated those in and outside my team. Above all, I have been sincerely welcomed as a new member of the team and received every help in completing such tasks for the first time. My first mission of organising the floor-wide Christmas party surely made my introduction to the team rather natural as well!

From all the readings and the snippets of work experiences I have done in the past, I thought I should already have an idea of how a law firm operates. Sadly, the reality was that all my preconceptions only amounted to a cliché – a tip of an iceberg! It has been nearly two months since I have started my placement. Though it seems that I’ve nearly customised to my new lifestyle and learned much since the 5th of September, there are endless bits and bobs of the law, the business and the working practices that I have to continuously learn about during my time at the firm. Well, for now, I am glad that I don’t walk into the wrong rooms anymore.

By the end of the eight months, I hope to have gained much knowledge and maturity, closer to becoming ‘a proper genuine grown-up’ like those around me at Pinsent Masons. If you are interested in finding out more about Pinsent Masons and commercial law or even about how my experiences at the firm evolves me from an awkward turtle, follow my blog updates and apply for this rewarding opportunity!