All Work and No Play?

I’m Amy Hextell and I’m currently in my first seat in the Birmingham Corporate team.  I went to the University of Birmingham and I love the city!

All work and no play?

Lawyers work hard.  They put in long hours, racing to meet deadlines and operating to the client’s timetable which can sometimes mean you’re working on the basis of different time zones.  With top quality work comes an expectation of a top quality service and at Pinsent Masons, we deliver.

But is it all work and no play?  In fact in Birmingham, where I’m a first seat trainee in the Corporate department, the Birmingham Trainee Solicitors’ Society makes sure there’s plenty to do outside of the office. Whether you’re a budding sportsperson, a general knowledge whizz kid or have perfected your cha cha cha whilst wearing a tux, there’s lots to get involved with.

Within my first week of joining the office, I’d been invited to play Touch Rugby, test my metal at the Legal Eagles Annual Quiz and Talk the Talk at a speed networking event.  Being a not particularly successful rugby player and keen not to show myself up at the quiz, I went along to Talk the Talk, held at Chameleon bar in Birmingham.

There was a really good turn out with both first and second year trainees from firms across the region making the effort to welcome the new intake into Birmingham.  The legal community here is relatively tight knit, so it’s good to meet people from other firms as you never quite know when you’ll find yourself on the other side of a deal to them!  It felt great to be part of a community so soon.

At the beginning of October, there was a seminar held on Financial tips for junior lawyers.  Informative and interesting, this was also well attended.  The BTSS are constantly putting on useful events with an aim to making us better equipped lawyers when we qualify.

As for sport, whilst not a rugby player, I do enjoy netball and the BTSS league has just started.  The way in which it is run is fairly relaxed as the organisers understand that it’s not realistic to expect the same people to play at the same time every week due to work commitments.  That said, things get pretty competitive once on court!  There’s a football league too and the infamous Inter-Firm Trophy in which firms from across the region compete in a number of events over a six month period.  The IFT finished a couple of weeks ago, the final event being that mainstay of all major sporting events- Ten-Pin bowling!

In the coming weeks there is plenty to keep the Birmingham trainees busy socially, not least the BTSS Annual Dinner.  As a first seat trainee, I’m yet to attend one of these but have heard from reputable sources that it’s THEevent of the BTSS calendar!  Not only is it an opportunity to dust off your tux, it’s also another great way of establishing contacts outside Pinsent Masons.  The BTSS social events are lots of fun, but they also develop your networking skills and make liaising with other firms easier in future.

Lawyers work hard. But it’s not all work. Here in Birmingham, and across the other offices, they play hard too!