A New Trainee in Property Litigation

I am now two months into my first seat in Property Litigation in our Birmingham office. I have already been involved in a wide variety of different work and I am really enjoying the responsibility of working on my own files and putting some of my legal training to good use!  Property Litigation in Birmingham consists of 1 Partner, 1 Senior Associate and three Solicitors, everyone is really friendly and I already feel part of the team.One of Pinsent Mason’s key action points is to act as’ one’ firm, and two weeks into my seat I was fortunate enough to get first hand experience of how the firm implements this.Every year the Property Litigation team hold a team away day in order to meet up with the other litigators from Manchester, Leeds and London.This year the away day was held at Crown Place, London.  Although I had visited the London office before, this was a fantastic opportunity to visit the very impressive roof top terrace where we met with the other team members.  As a first seat trainee, it was great to be introduced to everyone working in Property Litigation and to have a chat about the variety of different cases people were involved in. One thing I have really noticed about the firm is how approachable people are! Everyone had made an effort to learn my name and was interested to know how I was settling into my first seat.After dinner we were split into two teams and set a challenge.  We were given numerous tubes, pieces of wood and a very large pump, which we then had to assemble into a musical instrument.  It was a very interesting team building exercise, and was certainly useful to see who of us possessed the practical skills! Once we had managed to build our instrument the musical amongst us attempted to play ‘twinkle twinkle little star.’  After a couple of tuning issues, we actually began to sound quite good! I was fortunate enough to be given a role in the musical process and felt very proud of our team when we performed our finished piece. (see photo)The exercise gave us all a chance to get to know each other better and was a great opportunity to get involved in a task outside of work and combine all of our different talents.  It has certainly made me more confident in picking up the phone now I can picture the person I am speaking to.The next day, each office was asked to give a presentation concerning the current matters they were working on, as well as giving advice on handling the different issues that they had encountered during their work. It was a fantastic opportunity to swap ideas and experiences and I came away feeling like I had a better understanding of how the team works, and the variety of different cases Property Litigation are involved in.The firm have made an effort to promote the idea of ‘One Pinsent Masons’, and it was during the away day that I began to appreciate how this initiative helps us to share ideas effectively. Although I started off feeling like I was part of a small team in Birmingham, I can now see that I am actually part of a much bigger network of people who collaborate their knowledge so that we can offer our clients the very best advice possible.