A Kentish Boy Lost In Birmingham

This blog is “meant to” give those interested a taster into what it is like working for Pinsent Masons as a gap year student, however I think I will be taking an unorthodox approach. I joined the firm at the start of September and to be honest I haven’t looked back, hundreds of miles away from home I saw this as an opportunity to grow as a person and experience the culture of working as a solicitor but also an extreme way of getting out of my chores.

Currently I live in the city centre; in fact a two minutes walk from work so getting up early is not an issue I need to worry about which in my opinion is a god send and Birmingham itself has a lot to offer especially the night life, but I’m probably not meant to be promoting the nightlife of Birmingham but the Birmingham branch of Pinsent Masons and the gap year programme.

I’ve only worked here for a month but I’ve already established that the firm is more of a family rather than a corporate pencil pusher. When I told my friends I was moving to Birmingham to work for a law firm they had told me I had managed to sell my soul to the devil at the innocent age of 18 but I honestly don’t feel that way and the £14,000 is a real sweetener especially with the rise in university costs, so I reckon I get the last laugh. Especially as I don’t have any homework!!

I’m currently one of the five gap year students at the Birmingham branch, but for legal reasons I can’t tell you their names (ironic isn’t it) so for future reference they will be known as Cluts (within the first week she had managed to spill tea over herself), Holly Walsh (Google it, as she looks exactly like her), the Ninja (this is because she is very quiet and it happens to be a coincidence she’s also Asian) and Poland (this is a nickname is a little less subtle).

Together we have survived the first month training, now we are progressing onto some more challenging work. If you are really considering becoming a commercial lawyer or still balancing up the idea my advice would be keep reading my blog but more importantly apply as you will never get an opportunity like this.

Talk soon