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Becoming well-rounded lawyers and inspiring young people

With my training contract ahead of me, I thought that by joining the ‘corporate world’ I would limit my ability to give back to the community and help individuals and families that need it the most; how wrong I was. Pinsent Masons has opened up new and varied pathways for me to get involved in…

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An Afternoon as a Legal Pigeon

Our Values Hero

As of this week, I have sat in the Leeds corporate department for two and a half months. I have drafted ancillary documents, assisted with case management and researched niche areas of company law, all to help the senior lawyers progress deals and advise their clients. When I came into work on Monday, I did…

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Reflections on the first 3 months of my Training Contract


Unlike many of my peers, I was offered my traineeship with Pinsent Masons after taking part in a Training Contract Assessment Centre rather than completing a summer placement with the firm. This meant that I had little idea of what to expect from my Training Contract or the firm in general apart from the little…

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My Path to Pinsent Masons

I took a rather unconventional route to becoming a trainee solicitor at PM. Having always wanted to work in the legal sector I made the decision to go to University at the age of 30 and after having two children. I graduated from the LLB Law degree course in 2013 and began working at PM…

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A Day in the Life of a Vacation Scheme Student – Belfast


Around 8:30 am I arrive at the office and meet the other early bird vacation schemers in the firms’ café, known as ‘the dock.’ for my morning coffee (If you land yourself a vacation scheme at Pinsents Belfast office, save yourself the confusion by learning from my mistakes – this is not a literal dock!)…

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Three weeks with Pinsent Masons in Glasgow


It’s the second week of my vacation placement and it’s approaching 19:30. My trainee buddy is shouting at me to make a decision, nothing in front of me is making sense and there’s a huge clock on the wall telling me that my deadline is fast approaching. There’s paper all over the floor because tables…

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Law, Laughs, and Love Island: The Pinsent Masons Experience


“When you’re preparing to start a Summer Placement at a firm, you become acutely aware of all the horror stories that friends and classmates have collected over the years. Tales of stuffy afternoons locked away in dark offices, of days spent chained to a photocopier, and of the horrific moment when you first consider coming…

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Vacation Placement Life at Pinsent Masons


My vacation placement in the London office of Pinsent Masons began on 19th June and ran for two weeks. It is difficult to summarise such a wonderful fortnight, but hopefully, this blog will give a flavour of the amazing time that anyone lucky enough to obtain a placement with Pinsent Masons will experience. Sometimes at…

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My Vacation Placement Experience – Emma Wills


I am one of the summer students this year at Pinsent Masons and I have been working in the Commercial Property Department at the Aberdeen office. Although I had learned a lot of information about the firm prior to the start of my placement, I tried to maintain an open mind as to what the…

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