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5 helpful hints: Assessment Centre

Assesment Centre

Have you been invited to an assessment centre for the Vacation Placement at Pinsent Masons? Here are 5 helpful hints from Caterina Zarzana, Graduate Recruitment Officer at Pinsent Masons, to help prepare for the big day:   1. Be prepared Being invited to an assessment centre is an exciting yet daunting experience. At Pinsent Masons,…

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Glasgow Christmas Photobooth


At this time of year, the Christmas spirit makes everyone more generous and people start splashing out on ‘up-dos’ for the Christmas party.  Make the most of those photo-ready looks I thought! So, I decided to raise funds for Glasgow City Mission using my professional photography skills. I figured ‘what better way to raise money…

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Glasgow City Mission’s Christmas appeal


Whoever said that copper wire was invented by two Scotsmen fighting over the same penny has clearly never met the kind and lovely people from our Glasgow offices.  When given the option of participating in the annual ‘Secret Santa’ and ending up with yet another pair of novelty socks or making a difference to someone…

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10 things you might not know about Pinsent Masons in Belfast


1. We are not a ‘back office’. We are a full-service commercial law firm carrying out top quality local, national and international work for major clients and are involved in some of the biggest transactions and deals in NI each year.   2. We have a state-of-the-art office in the ‘Soloist’ building in front of…

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My week at Pinsent Masons London Office (22-26 August 2016)

My week at Pinsent Masons London Office (22-26 August 2016) By Josiah Senu Quite simply, extraordinary… that was the instant feeling I got when I first entered Pinsent Masons and by Friday I was wishing for one more week. Pinsent Masons certainly left its mark, not only on me, but also on my seven fellow…

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Our week at Pinsent Masons London Office (Summer Programme)

London Work Exp

We are Josiah Senu, Amelia Rawlinson, Edward Plaut, Katie Nicholas & Alice Cutler and we participated in the Pinsent Masons Summer Work Experience Programme in London. Day One according to Josiah Friendly, approachable and bold – that was my immediate impression of the firm when I arrived at Pinsent Masons. Following a variety of presentations…

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Our week at Pinsent Masons Belfast Office (Summer Programme)


Our week at Pinsent Masons Belfast Office (Summer Programme) We spoke with three work experience students who are just starting out on their career path. They were based in the Belfast office of Pinsent Masons, and agreed to give an insight into the Work Experience Programme and culture in the office. Introducing the students: Jessica…

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Two weeks of informative presentations, challenging tasks, looming deadlines, but also lots of good laughs and hang outs – not to forget the trip we made to the DIFC courts! The Dubai office On arrival to the Dubai office on the first day, one could not but notice the astounding skyline of Dubai’s financial centre….

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