School Work Experience Programme Application Process

We know it is getting harder and harder for people to break into the legal profession without relevant work experience. That is why we have been running a formal work experience programme for a number of years. We now offer a number of week-long placements across our network of UK offices on this award-winning programme.

  • Minimum Entry Requirements

    You’ll need to be at least 16 years of age and already studying towards either your AS or A-Levels, or equivalent qualifications (such as International Baccalaureate or Scottish Highers) when you make your application. Good academic results are extremely important and whilst this is only the first step to gaining work experience it is a highly competitive programme and places will be awarded on merit. Do your best to make yours stand out from the crowd. This means you will have achieved predominantly A*, A and B grades in your GCSEs (or equivalent), and be expecting high grades in your A Levels (or equivalent).
  • Application Timetable

    We receive applications from a high-volume of excellent candidates each year, so it’s important that you take time over your application. It is only the first stage of our process but unless you get it absolutely right, you won’t progress to the latter stages of the selection process. We will be  inviting applications with effect from 23 September 2016 from students looking to gain work experience in 2017. We do not screen applications on a rolling basis. The deadline for applications is 23:59 UK time on Tuesday 31 January 2017. After the deadline, all applications are screened to a pre-defined framework and we shortlist those candidates who best meet our capabilities. If you pass the screening you will be sent an email confirming your place on the programme by 31 March 2017. The whole process from the application deadline to being advised of the outcome of your application is no more than two months.
  • Application Stage 1 - Online Application Form

    If you’re keen to join us for work experience and you meet the application criteria, you will need to complete our online application form via our website. There are a few questions on the form so you will need to spend some time researching the firm and thinking about your answers. Don’t leave it to the last minute!
  • Application Hints & Tips

    • Poor punctuation, spelling and grammar is not something lawyers can get away with, so attention to detail is key to submitting a successful application. Make sure you use a spell-checker to help you.
    • Take your time to think about the questions, give detailed answers which prove that you understand the questions that are being asked. Make sure you pay attention to any character limits for the question, this will help you ensure your answers are not too long or too short.
    • Support your application by providing examples of work experience you may have already undertaken. Detail the skills you developed during each placement and what you learned about yourself which may highlight areas you either excel in or areas you would like to improve i.e your strengths and weakness.
    • If helpful ask a friend or parent to review your completed application prior to submitting to check for anything you may have missed and above all, do not leave your application to be submitted at the last minute, remember – “fail to prepare – prepare to fail!”
    • Ensure you mention any extra curricular activities that you are involved in which demonstrate responsibility and commitment over and above your school work. For example are you a captain of a sports team, a school prefect or do you have a part-time job?